Updated Fair Rules & Project Alerts

Fair Rules

WSSEF’s rules are to support students to perform independent research safely.

The purpose of these rules are to:

  • protect the rights and welfare of the student researcher
  • protect the rights and welfare of the human participant
  • ensure adherence to federal regulations
  • ensure use of safe laboratory practices
  • protect the environment
  • determine eligibility for competition in the Intel ISEF  (Grade 9 – 12 only)

WSSEF is affiliated with the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) and follow their rules. WSSEF’s Scientific Review Committee will have the final authority on the rules, display and safety issues with projects.

Click Here for the entire ISEF rules.

Click on the following links for more information and additional formed needed for any project involving:

Further helpful resources can be found on ISEF Resources Page.

To assist local fairs, the WSSEF Scientific Review Committee (SRC) can review and approve any projects needing pre-approval. It is not necessary to already be registered to obtain the proper approvals from the WSSEF SRC. For assistance, send an email to Scientific Review Committee.


WSSEF Additional Fair Rules

  • WSSEF projects are registered by an individual student or teams of two or three students.
  • Any student competing at WSSEF will follow the ISEF rules (Refer to link above).
  • Abstracts are required for grades 6 – 12 only.  For Students in Grades 1 – 5, an abstract is not required. Instead, Students in grades 1 – 5 uses “WSSEF Form Required for Grades 1 – 5 ONLY”.
  • ALL projects must be reviewed and approved by the SRC after experimentation and shortly before competing at WSSEF to insure adherence to all WSSEF and ISEF Rules.
  • WSSEF also does not allow any petri dish experiment done in a home. Petri dish experiments must be done in a Biosafety Lab-2 (BSL-2) l
  • The entrant must be present to be judged (i.e., to be interviewed by the judges). Without a WSSEF judges interview it will be difficult to place, but the display and journal will be judged for their own merit and corresponding recognition may be given.
  • The WSSEF board reserves the right to refuse any project it considers unsuitable
  • Actions unbecoming a gentleman or a lady, destruction of another’s property, knowingly falsifying a project may result in disqualified
  • Neither the WSSEF board, its individual members, nor hosting entity, is responsible for any loss, damage, or injury associated with the fair.