How will I be judged?

Students should plan on giving an oral presentation of their project which highlights why the student decided to select their topic, how the experiment / engineering test was conducted, any conclusions and what the student learned doing the project.  This presentation should be approximately 5 minutes (may be less for younger students) which will leaves time for questions.  Some Judges will wait till the end to ask questions and some Judges will interrupt to ask questions.

The WSSEF judges evaluate projects based on the WSSEF Judges’ Guidelines listed at:  Judges are looking for creative ability, scientific thought, thoroughness, skill and clarity.  Team projects will also be judged on how well the students worked together.

The WSSEF Special Awards judges evaluate projects using special judging criteria given to them by the sponsoring organization and therefore will only talk to students  whose projects fit their criteria.  You can learn more about special award criteria on the WSSEF Awards page.

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