What is the Scientific Review Committee (SRC)?

The WSSEF Scientific Review Committee (SRC) is a group of adults knowledgeable about the federal and state regulations concerning experimentation.  The committee is responsible for reviewing all student projects to make sure that they are being conducted in a safe and ethical manner.

Student projects involving human subjects, vertebrate animals, potentially hazardous biological agents, hazardous materials and DEA-controlled substances MUST receive SRC/IRB approval before beginning their data collection.  If you have already started your experiment and did not receive prior approval, please contact src@wssef.org or wsseffairdirector@wssef.org and let us know about your situation.  See further information at http://wssef.org/fair-rules-regulations/ or use the ISEF Rules Wizard at https://ruleswizard.societyforscience.org/ .

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