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Student Handbook

Registration deadline extended to March 22, 2014

                    Does your project involve any of the following areas?

                     Human Subjects (including surveys)

                     Human or Animal Tissues

                     Vertebrate Animals

                     Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents

                     Hazardous Chemicals, Activities or Devices

If YES: Please contact the Scientific Review Chairman (SRC) for further instructions on the extra forms needed.

Please note: No Petri dish experiments done in the home will be allowed. The experiments must be done in proper laboratory conditions.



Registration Procedures for All Projects


Step 1:

Click one the following links depending on the grade of the student(s) registering:

Team Projects Alert: If a team project has students in more than one grade, then register the students as a project in the lowest grade  (i.e., If you have a 6th grader and a 7th grader doing a team project, you would choose the Grade 1 – 5 Projects link).

Grade 1 – 5 Projects

Grade 6 – 12 Projects






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