Judging Guidelines for the WSSEF

Our judges use the following criteria in evaluating the student’s project:


  • Knowledge of Project Topic (25%)
    Good, well-balanced explanation of project.
    Able to answer all questions asked by judges about project.
    Provide supporting evidence and/or comparisons
  • Knowledge of Scientific Principles (20%)
    Sections outlining purpose, describing procedures, methods and materials, reporting results and conclusions, and discussion of overall project are present.
    Understands each section Explanations match each section.
    Sections are related or explained why they differ.
    Thorough understanding of the sections and how they are obtained i.e. statistics.
  • Journal and Records (20%)
    (Computer-generated journals are acceptable, but be sure to bring a printed version to the Fair for judging)
    Journal is available.
    All journal sections are present.
    All journal entries support the project.
    Journal entries are in chronological order without missing pages.
    Project can be duplicated by reading the journal.
  • Creativity and Originality (20%)
    Project is consistent with the student’s knowledge.
    Originality is shown in the testing of the hypothesis.
    Data presented in a unique manner.
    Project shows overall originality.
    One-of-a-kind project.
  • Display (15%)
    Display meets guidelines.
    Neat, visually pleasant and organized.
    Makes effective use of visual aids.
    Exhibit should be self-explanatory.


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