Washington International Science & Engineering (WISE) Team Attends ISEF

WISE Team students proudly celebrate representing Washington State each year at ISEF!

 The Washington International Science & Engineering (WISE) Team  is comprised of the Grand Champions from WSSEF and six Regional Fairs. How did the WISE Team do at ISEF this year? Click here to find out.



Congratulations to the Washington State Science & Engineering Grand Champions at ISEF

WSSEF Gold Medallion ~  Christine Ye, grade 12, “Inferring the Neutron Star Maximum Mass and Lower Mass Gap in Spinning Neutron Star-Black Hole Systems”

WSSEF Silver Medallion ~  Anjali Sreenivas, grade 11, “A Machine Learning Approach to Identifying Blood-Based Biomarkers for Differential Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease”

WSSEF Bronze Medallion ~Vedant Srinivas, grade 10, “Computer Vision Based Rapid Animal Detection and Driver Warning System For Day and Night Time Conditions”

Also participating at the 2022 Regeneron International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF)

ISEF Finalists ~ WSSEF

Jake Chung ~ grade 12, “Study and Application of a Biomimetic Fish Propulsion System Mimicking the Body Structure and Stroke of Black Marlin for Energy-Efficient Propulsion with Respect to the Added Mass effect”

Rohak Jain ~ grade 10, “Elucidating the Mechanisms of Drug-Induced Hearing Loss: Characterization of Interferon Gamma Signaling as a Regulator of Hair Cell Regeneration and Inflammation in Zebrafish”

Evan Kim ~ grade 11, “Utilizing a Generative Adversarial Network to Predict Hypothetical Superconductors”

Harish Krishnakumar ~ grade 11, “Analysis of Ring Galaxies Detected Using Deep Learning with Real and Simulated Data”

Kosha Upadhyay ~ grade 10, “Cognitive Profiling and Personalized Therapy Recommendation for Dementia through a Language-aware Multi-model Artificially Intelligent System”

More ISEF Finalists ~ Regional Fairs

Anna Armstrong, Ferris High School, EWRSEF
Aiden Bai, DRSEF
Druhin Bhowal. Tesla STEM High School, CSRSEF
Jacob Gannon, North Central High School, EWRSEF
Ourania-Maria Glezakou-Elbert, Hanford High School, EWRSEF
Rishi Hazra, Skyline High School, CSRSEF
Neha Kommareddy, Central Valley High School, EWRSEF
Nidhi Krishna Kumar, Olympia High School, DRSEF
Ansel LaPier, Central Valley High School, EWRSEF
Pinyu Liao, Inglemoor High School, CSRSEF
Emmaline McKinnon, EWRSEF
Alexis Schallock, North Central High School, EWRSEF
Kevin Shen, Olympia High School, DRSEF
Arihant Singh, Tesla STEM High School, CSRSEF
Anjali Sreenivas, Tesla STEM High School, CSRSEF
Vedant Srinivas, Eastlake High School, CSRSEF
Ruth Wise-Maldonado, Sunnyside High School, EWRSEF

2017 Team WA at ISEF

WISE Team celebrating at ISEF

Science Rocks!!!!!