WSSEF 2019 Photographs & Press Release

The 2019 photographs are now online.  Select a gallery to review photos. Organization is by day and by event: setup, students, and awards.  Page thru thumbnail sets with arrows, select photo to view enlarged. Photos may be downloaded, and prints ordered.

2019 photo site here.


Previous WSSEF Year Photographs

WSSEF Photos for 2018: CLICK HERE: 2018 WSSEF Photos and enjoy the memories.

WSSEF Photos for 2017:  CLICK HERE: 2017 WSSEF Photos and enjoy the memories!

WSSEF Photos for 2016:  CLICK HERE: 2016 WSSEF Photos ~ Select and scroll down through Day 1; Day 2; Awards 1-6; Awards 7-12

WSSEF Photos for Years 2010 ~ 2011 ~ 2012 ~ 2013 ~ 2014 ~ 2015                                                                                                                                        Mark Virtue, Virtuous Photography

Click HERE for past Fair photograph link

 Recognizing Your Student’s Achievement

Participation in the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair (WSSEF) is an accomplishment for which your student should be recognized and congratulated.  A short news article in your local paper, radio or television, PTSA or school newsletter, church or scouting bulletin, or family letter celebrates the effort your student has made and inspires other families to pursue their interests.

WSSEF has found through experience that the most reliable way to get local news media to cover a students achievements is for a parent or teacher to contact the local media directly.  To help you get information to newsletters, etc., we have created a sample press release.   Download the appropriate electronic copy, edit to suit your student and then submit.

Press Parent Letter 2019

Press Release Media 2019