American Junior Academy of Sciences (AJAS) 2023 Washington State Delegates

Congratulations!  ... to the 2023 American Junior Academy of Science (AJAS) Washington State delegates being inducted in Denver, Colorado next February 2024 as AJAS Fellows! Click on their project titles to view their project boards. For more information: AJAS Awardees – Washington State Academy of Sciences (

Annie AdhikaryTesla STEM High SchoolIdentification of Novel Diagnostic Neuroimaging Biomarkers for Autism Spectrum Disorder Through Convolutional Neural Network-Based Analysis of Functional, Structural, and Diffusion Tensor Imaging Data Towards Enhanced Autism Diagnosis
Alessandra AzureNewport High SchoolThe Effects of Limiting Citrate-Derived Acetyl-CoA Synthesis on the Development of Exhaustion in CD8 T cells
Dhuruv DarbhaRedmond High SchoolDemocratizing Produce Waste Reduction Using Hyperspectral Imaging with Low-Cost Home-Built Hyperspectral Cameras
Priya EmaniOlympia High SchoolIdentifying Possible Biological Processes Affected By Non-Target Proteins of SARS-CoV-2
Rohak JainInterlake High SchoolDeciphering a Sleeping Pathogen: Uncovering Novel Transcriptional Regulators of Hypoxia-Induced Dormancy in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Advaitha MotkuriRichland High SchoolAmEyeDrunk? The Future of Intoxication Detection
Padmaja Senthil KumarLewis & Clark High SchoolStructural Basis for the Allosteric Modulation of the GABAA Receptors by Diazepam
Zain ShariffCurtis Junior High SchoolMicrowave-Related Tissue Changes Using Ultrasound: Processing Images into Spectral Colors
Nikki TaleghaniTesla STEM High SchoolCarbon Dot and Cyanoacrylate Fuming Method for Latent Fingerprint Detection
Kosha UpadhyayBellevue High SchoolMemSpark: An Artificially Intelligent Virtual Reality System for Non-Intrusive Cognition Therapy and Evaluation of Dementia
Jerry YaoWalla Walla High SchoolCamVisors: A Low-Cost Smart Glass System Utilizing Computer Vision for the Blind