Registration Information & Forms

Register projects as an individual student or teams of two or three students. 

Each students’ forms and $30 registration non-refundable payment must be completed to finalize your registration.  Registration Team :

Student teams are eligible to participate at the WSSEF and can be selected as one of our representatives to ISEF. A team can be no more than three people and they all must have a unique input to the project.  Teams are judged the same as individual projects with the exception each member must contribute as if you take one person out, the project would not be able to be completed without them.  For teams, each student must individually register and link to the teams Project ID number.

If a team member cannot attend the WSSEF, then the remaining team member(s) must represent the entire project and be able to answer judges’ questions on all components.

If a team project wins an award, all team members receive that award whether or not they are present during the Fair.  In addition, all team members (present or not) are required to register to WSSEF, submit all forms as listed below and each team member is required to pay entry fees.

Required Items needed to complete registration:

Grades 1 – 5:

Grades 6-12:

The online registration site uses milestones.  Each milestone needs to be completed.

You are finished with the WSSEF registration process and can consider yourself registered if your milestones are either green check marks or orange hourglasses.

General Teacher/ Adult Mentor Information:  Below are general information and tips.

  1. A student can register under a parent or teacher.  Having a teacher register aligns the student to their school and allows the teacher to monitor their project registration process.  However, a parent can be the Adult Mentor if a teacher is not available to assist with the project.  Having teacher, parent or mentor oversight ensures safety protocols are in place.
  2. A teacher, parent or adviser is not required to accompany a student to the WSSEF.  However, we do encourage someone be responsible for students at the Fair.
  3. Having teachers advise, mentor and support your student and their project development is valuable.  Understandably, not all teachers are able to attend the WSSEF.
  4. One of your parents attending the WSSEF and coordinating a group of students is appreciated.


Registration Questions or Problems with Registration Web Site:

Scientific Review or form specific questions:

Payment or PayPal questions:

Internet Browser Problems:  WSSEF suggests using Chrome as the internet browser when registering.  Microsoft Internet Explorer causes problems with uploading forms into the new registration software.  Chrome doesn’t seem to have the same problems.

Registration Information Errors: If you discover an error in any of the information you entered online, please correct it.  It is especially important to check your grade and category so you will be judged in the correct judging group.  Grade and category selections cannot be changed after registration closes.   If you experience any problems, please send an email to

ISEF Forms Explanation Tutorial Powerpoint: 

View this PowerPoint to understand the terms and form requirements. Tutorial shared by ColoradoSEF.  (Please note: Grades 1 – 5 students use the Grades 1 – 5 Required Form instead of Forms 1, 1A and 1B which are required for Grades 6 – 12 students.)