WSSEF 2024 Best of Grade Awards – Grades 1 – 8


Best of Grade 1 Miyen Edelman 1 Fun with Enzymes!
Best of Grade 2 Anika Lal 2 Blooming Trouble – Investigation of Algae Growth in Water
Best of Grade 3 Nirbhuy Arun 3 Navigating inversions in complex terrain of Washington via UAV-mounted mobile sensing devices for wind machine operations in early spring frost management for specialty fruit crops
Best of Grade 4 Dhiya Kumaraguru 4 Evaluating the Efficacy of Diverse Stress Alleviation Techniques: A Comprehensive Study in Children and Adults
Best of Grade 5 Ridhi Erla 5 Effect of Glycerin Quantity on the Strength of Starch-Based Bioplastics
Best of Grade 6 Chaitra Hasini Appani 6 Hydraulic Powered Lift Machine
Best of Grade 7 Shriya Kutty 7 ScaNose: Development of a non-invasive electronic device for estimation of diabetes and COPD risk
Best of Grade 8 Akshara Srinivas 8 Integrating Hammerhead Shark Features into Vertical Wind Turbine Blade Design for Enhanced Performance