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University of Washington

For the past several years, I have directed a summer program for high school students interested in neurotechnology and neuroscience. I will continue this program in 2023 and if you are a high school student, I encourage you to apply to the Young Scholars Program-REACH at the Center for Neurotechnology (University of Washington, Seattle, WA).  The program will take place in-person and virtually July 10-14, 2023.

During the YSP-REACH program, students will receive an introduction to neuroscience and neural engineering, neuroethics, and the latest developments in brain-computer interfaces. The program is well suited for students interested in a science, math, technology and engineering, with a specific interest in neural engineering and neuroscience.

The deadline for summer 2023 YSP-REACH program applications is March 15, 2023.  For more information and an application form, see:

Eric H. Chudler, Ph.D.

University of Washington