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Recognizing Your Student’s Achievement

Participation in the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair (WSSEF) is an accomplishment for which your student should be recognized and congratulated. A short news article in your local paper, radio or television, PTSA or school newsletter, church or scouting bulletin, or family letter celebrates the effort your student has made and inspires other families to pursue their interests.

WSSEF has found through experience that the most reliable way to get local news media to cover a student’s achievements is for a parent or teacher to contact the local media directly. To help you get information to newsletters, etc., we have created a sample press release. Download the appropriate electronic copy, edit to suit your student, and then submit.

Parent Press Release

Archived News and articles regarding the WSSEF


Golden Moment – Dr. Mike Huey

WSDA member Dr. Mike Huey recently awarded the Golden Apple Award, the ADA’s highest honor for the ongoing promotion of the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair (WSSEF) by Huey and the Kitsap County Dental Society (KCDS). Few Washington state entrants have taken the top prize in recent years. So hats off to Mike and all those who made this win possible.

The fair, which has been in existence since 1937 started as a local PTA fair and is now the state science fair for Washington State. It is open to all students in grades 1-12 and this year had more than 300 participating entrants. For more than ten years the Kitsap County Dental Society has been a financial supporter of the fair, as well as a source of judge and WSSEF committee and board members. They have served in many capacities from president, head judge, finalist selection panel, special and category judges and committee members. In addition many have served or continue to serve in pivotal positions within the WSDA.

Since 2007, The Washington Oral Health Foundation of the WSDA has sponsored an award for grades 1-5,6-8, and 9-12 that exemplifies the value of oral health and the science of dentistry through basic science research or by demonstrating the relationship between good oral health and overall health. The award consists of certificate, a monetary award, and an invitation to attend and present their project at the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference.

As an organization, the WSSEF is committed to providing students and teachers the tools and the students the opportunity to conduct scientific and engineering research. Additionally, the Fair provides a venue to the students to present projects to peers and get feedback from experts. Promotion of the fair as well as outreach to students and teachers has taken many forms which range from internet sources such as websites, face book, online handbooks, posters, seminars, blogs and attendance/promotion at education fairs. Lois Jane Lugg (WSSEF Fair Director) received the George Bell Award for Exceptional Public Service at the Bonneville Power Administration’s Transmission Services Employee Celebration on September 23, 2010. The George Bell Award is given to Bonneville Power Employees who have given outstanding contributions to the community where they live as George Bell exemplified when he was a BPA employee. In the photo from left to right is George Bell ( retired BPA who the award is named after), Lois Jane Lugg and Brian Silverstein (VP of BPA’s Transmission Services). Lois Jane has been involved in the WSSEF for over 20 years and has recruited more than 30 of her fellow employees to volunteer at the annual fair. In presenting the award, George Bell said, “Without volunteers like Lois, this type of event (WSSEF) would be impossible to put together. She works tirelessly for many hours each year and because of her efforts, kids have been inspired to seek out opportunities in science and engineering careers. Lois truly has made a difference in this world.”


News Sources: Newspapers & Online News

Kitsap Sun:  60th annual Washington State Science & Engineering Fair celebrates ingenuity

Camas-Washougal Post Record:  Tsering Shola finished first in the biomedical and health category at the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair, then won a coveted spot at the 2017 Intel International Science Fair.

Kitsap Talk: Surabhi Mundada’s journey as a scientist officially began in fourth grade when she studied the physics of pendulums. Since then, every year of her life has been characterized by a scientific undertaking.

Sequim Gazette:  Each Sequim student that competed in the the annual Washington State Science and Engineering Fair was awarded a first-place honor in their category.

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Everett Herald:  Sriharshita “Harshu” Musunuri, WSSEF ISEF finalist, one of two students in the state to be invited to talk at the Washington STEM Summit at Microsoft Headquarters.

NBC Right Now:  Enterprise Middle School named ”School of the Year” at Science & Engineering Fair

Broadcom Masters Top 300 national finalists 2017: Hariharan Malmurugan,  Grade: 6th, Sunrise Elementary, Kent, WA  and Zoe Gotthold, 8th grade, Carmichael Middle School, Richland, WA