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** The 2022 WSSEF and regional fairs are all virtual due to COVID constraints.  Volunteers are needed to assist at the virtual WSSEF.  Plus, the WSSEF is actively seeking volunteers for a number of positions.  

There are a variety of positions ready for you!  Here’s a sample:  sponsorships (seek funding and/or in-kind services to fulfill WSSEF needs), Fair Director (shadow our current Fair Director), table guy (oversees table arrangements at an in-person fair),

** REMINDER Do NOT come to the WSSEF site in 2022.  

Volunteers are critical to the success of the Fair!

Display & Safety ~ Judging Results Computer Entry Result Envelope Stuffers ~ Fair Runners            Student & Judge Check-in ~ Student Entry Guides Hands-on Demonstrations ~ Film Festival Technician Survey Takers ~ Student Monitors During Judging ~ Information Point


CERT at WSSEF 2017 Volunteering to judge at the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair is a rewarding and uplifting experience that is best seen when a participant is presenting his/her science project and realizing someone understands and cares about their efforts.  Students across the state of Washington are making amazing discoveries and making the world better around them. 

The WSSEF is a non-profit organization which relies solely on volunteers.

Help us help the kids!   Thank YOU!