Student Handbook & How-to Videos

Need help getting started on your science fair project?

The WSSEF Student Handbook is an information resource on science and engineering projects. Download it HERE.

by Debbie Beckett, Mary Omberg and Ron Tognazzini, WSSEF

The WSSEF Student Handbook is intended as a reference for projects entered in the Washington State Science & Engineering Fair.  A committee of Science Fair volunteers developed the information as a guide to develop quality projects that follow the procedures or methods generally accepted for science and engineering projects.  This handbook is not a rule book.

These how-to video series provide insightful clips that are informative for students, parents and educators.

by Kandis Brighton, WSSEF

Introduction to Science Fairs

How to Create Science Research Projects

How to Create Engineering Projects

In this video series, a NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories scientist, engineer and educator team up to help you learn how to craft your very own idea for a great science fair project and see it through to completion.

by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories, California Institute of Technology

 How to Do a Science Project