A Note to Parents

The parental role in the WSSEF:

  • Give encouragement, support and guidance. Make sure your child feels it is his or her project. Make sure the work is primarily the work of the child.
  • The WSSEF strives to recruit and train a group of highly qualified, motivated, and compassionate judges. The judges dedicate themselves to judging impartially and uniformly. Your consideration of this is appreciated. At your request, judging procedures will be explained; however, judging of specific projects will not be explained. In all cases the decisions of the judges are final.
  • Please insure that your child has a book, gameboy, mp3 player or some other quiet activity to help keep them busy while waiting for the judges.
  • Realize the main goal of a science fair project is to help your child use and strengthen the skills he or she has learned and develop higher level skills. The main goal should not be the ribbon, prize, etc.
  • The parents are responsible for the entrant’s transportation to and from the fair.
  • Food will be available on site.
  • The full schedule can be viewed HERE
  • Parents and adult friends of the exhibitors are invited to view the exhibits during the open viewing times.  See schedule for posted times. Where judging teams are interviewing an entrant at his or her exhibit, please respect their need for quiet and privacy. If it interferes with the judging, this privilege may be suspended at any time.
  • Students will be released by grade when all the judging is complete for the grade. Your patience is appreciated.
  • Being totally a volunteer organization the WSSEF depends heavily on volunteers prior to and during the fair. Volunteers are also needed throughout the year for various tasks and projects as well. If you are interested in serving on the board of directors, please notify a board member in person, by e-mail or go to the Volunteers page.
  • Please check the Frequently Asked Questions page where many of your questions may have already been answered.
  • Do not worry or get upset if your child doesn’t win a prize at the science fair. The skills the child has gained are worth all the effort.
  • Help your child begin to plan for next year.
  • For directions to the WSSEF visit the Maps page.