FREE Science Fair Seminar ~ Teachers Welcome!

Morning session, 9-11am

STEM Class on Maker Electronics, 2 hrs

Instructor:  John Currie

Do you want to incorporate basic electronics in the form of STEM projects for the benefit of your students?  We will assemble 2 circuits to study the application of passive and semiconductor components in electronic circuits.  Using a handout, we will discuss the operation of those components and how they function in the circuits.  One of the circuits will be used to demonstrate a possible Maker project.  Participants will also experience the use of meters, soldering irons, and hot melt glue guns.  A wrap-up discussion will also involve science fair projects.  The bread boards we will use are similar to those used for prototyping engineering designed circuits.

Applicable Grade Level(s):  Grades 6 – 12

Afternoon session, 1-3pm

Engineering Design: Legos vs. Craft Stick Bending, 2 hrs

Instructor: Brad Griffith

Engineering design tests, Legos vs. Craft Stick Bending. Had Leonardo da Vinci known how to bend craft woods, his inventions would have looked and worked much differently. Please come, learn, build, and discover our new engineering design tools, tips, and skills to help your students create and discover the next generation of engineering design for K-12.

What if your students could bend craft woods into hundreds of shapes? These shapes are then applied to build conceptual models, arts, prototypes and science experiments, all the while teaching engineering design skills.  Think of craft woods (popsicle sticks), being as flexible to bend as a big flat eraser. Craft woods are natures pre-made composite pre-preg material; ready to use when activated, hardens and cures back to a solid craft stick. These building components are now ready to be used in the next Future City Competitions or become parts of a new product prototype, science project or engineering parts for students to build structures such as popsicle stick bridges. Discover the many ways to re-engineer craft woods to become the next engineering design model for schools. Attendees will receive our free Tips and Tricks DVD. Move over Legos. Makers use wood.

Clock hour credits available for teachers

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