2021 WSSEF First Place – Grades 1-8

Congratulations!  … to the following grades 1-8 students participating in the 64th Annual Washington State Science & Engineering Fair.  All students were judged and the following students earned First Place.  Where you see a project title duplicated, it is because that was a team project.  Due to pandemic precautions, they were safely judged “virtually.”  All students receive 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Honorable Mention placement ribbons with First Place receiving a ribbon and trophy.  All awards will be mailed to students.

FIRST NAME LAST NAME GRADE                                                                       PROJECT TITLE
Nirbhuy Arun 1 How do you solve the problem of low relative humidity in a home with a smart humidifier that is easy to clean and use?
Sanjana Avvaru 5 Green House Effect
Morgan Brendel 7 Sweet Dreams
Prayrona Choudhury 6 Robot Fish – Exploring Aquatic Environments
Asher Friedman 3 Decaying Strawberries With Liquids and in Different Places
Ethan Gotthold 8 Cleaning Tire Pollution at the Source
Charlotte Gruian 8 Harnessing the energy of the jump
Ananya Gubba 7 Sudoku Checker using JavaScript
Shravya Gupta 8 Playing With Genetics: What Are The Chances?
Chase Klauder 5 Color-Coded Elements
Shruthi Lingam-Nattamai 7 Mix the Unmixable
Alexander Lui 7 Design a Home Use Measurement System that Utilizes Integrated Smart Personal Device Sensors to Fully Automate Patient Self-Assessment for Rheumatic Disease Activity and Flare Monitoring
Vishnu Mangipudi 7 Developing and Testing a Machine-Learning Based Approach to Detect Heart Arrhythmias Using Electrocardiograms
Suhaas Meka 2 Seed Germination
Eliana Morgan 1 Training Fish
Advaitha Motkuri 8 Water, Water, Pure Water: A Rule for Healthier Living!
Akshath Motkuri 5 Fighting the Flu, Kaboom!
Supriya Nair 6 Applying neuroscience to assess fatigue and optimize performance for young fencers
Navaj Nune 8 Saving the World with Plastic Trash : Controlled Release Bioplastic Fertilizers
Rohan Nune 5 Pollution Free Electricity Using Microbial Fuel Cell
Dhriti Patel 4 Static electric chime
Dhruvil Patel 6 The Solution to Your Power Bills Through the Use of a Mini Wind Turbine Created Via 3-D Printer
Owen Rothwell 6 Plastic Strength Comparison
Zain Shariff 6 Analyzing Depth and Width of The “Burning Issue”
Garrison Stephens-Smith 6 A Tale of Two MFCs
Srithan Thallapally 7 Cleaning Up Oil Spills with Magnets
Sriyan Thallapally 4 Water Purification
Harish Uriti 2 Make a Wish and Blow the Candle
Aiden Vanhaltren 5 Hydroponics
Brandon Vanhaltren 3 Hydroponics Vs Soil (Which grows better?)
Ani VanMore 7 Reducing Ocean Acidification in the Puget Sound
Abigail Walkup 2 How Pollution Affects Plant Growth
Lily Walkup 4 How Pollution Affects Decay