2022 WSSEF First Place ~ Grades 1 – 8

Congratulations!  … to the following grades 1-8 students participating in the 65th Annual Washington State Science & Engineering Fair.  All students were judged and the following students earned First Place.  Where you see a project title duplicated, it is because that was a team project.  Due to pandemic precautions, they were safely judged “virtually.”  All students receive 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Honorable Mention placement ribbons with First Place receiving a ribbon and trophy.  All awards will be mailed to students.

Nirbhuy Arun 1 Scooty Bubble Blower- A device to calm down autistic kids
Siddharth Avvaru 3 Bouncing Basket Ball .
Sarina Baig 3 AI Vending machine
Marlowe Berg 6 How do different light colors and amounts of water affect plant growth?
Aashrita Bhamidimarri 8 Addressing a ‘Root’ Cause – One ‘drop’ at a time
Ben Bioren 8 Safe Soccer Heading Guidelines
Nora Bolinger 7 Cell Deterioration in Spider Plant Roots
Anabelle Boulos 6 How Color Affects Human Memory
Prayrona Choudhury 7 AquaRover: A Vehicle for Automatic Surveying and Mapping of Aquatic Environments
Lily Deng 8 Watts In The Wind: The Effect of Blade Design on Power Output
Elden Driver IV 1 How far apart can magnets be and still interact with each other?
Priya Emani 7 Efficiency of Multitasking
Asher Friedman 4 How Different Materials Affect W-Fi Signals
Raman Harilal 6 Water vs Alcohol: How does it Affect the Drinking Bird?
Rowan Hastings 7 The Use of Armadillidium Vulgare as an Indicator of Soil Pollution
Rasika Iyer 5 Nut Detector
Chase Klauder 6 Renewable Energy Showdown
Jake Kolias 6 bass wood bridge design comparison
Brynn Lenz 7 Clean Or Dirty
Alexander Lui 8 Apply Machine Learning to Predict Autoimmune Disease Activity, and Validate the Applicability of an At-home Use Smart Personal Device to Automate Patient Self-Assessment
Sarayu Maikala 6 Wearable Monitor for Detecting Sleep using Heart Rate Data for Narcolepsy Patients
Suhaas Meka 3 Giga Hurtz!
Eliana Morgan 2 Echolocation and Noise
Sujit Nair 5 Updating Exoplanet TRES-1b mid transit time for optimal observation by James Webb Space telescope
Supriya Nair 8 Neurofencing : Study of Brain, Heart and Muscle neuron action potentials to improve performance of young fencers.
Lily Nguyen 6 Hidden Forces in Particle Dynamics
Rithesh Rajagopal 4 Nut Detector
Owen Rothwell 7 3-D Printer Plastic Comparison
Zain Shariff 7 Identification of Microwave-Related Changes in Tissue Using an Ultrasound Scan
Nikhil Sharma 2 Is your produce fresh enough?
Yaashika Sriram 3 Staining Behavior of Juice
Lola Thomas 7 Blood – What’s Your Type?
Tenzin Tsundue 6 Albedo of Different Types of Ice
Sri Vadlamannati 1 Water Electrolysis
Anjana Vaidyaraman 8 A Foldable Reflectarray Antenna On An Origami Waterbomb Crease Pattern
Ani Van More 8 Reducing Food Waste by Making Biochar
Lily Walkup 5 PEnTathlon