2023 WSSEF First Place Awards ~ Grades 1 – 8

Congratulations!  … to the following grades 1-8 students participating in the 66th Annual Washington State Science & Engineering Fair.  All student projects were judged and the following students earned First Place.  Where you see a project title duplicated, it is because that was a team project.  All students receive participation with 1st, 2nd, 3rd or Honorable Mention placement ribbons with First Place receiving a trophy. 

Aaradhya Adigarla 5 Humans Role in Water Contamination and its impact on Marine Life
Ved Anush Reddy Arikatla 4 Plantify The Earth
Veronica Reddy Arikatla 4 Plantify The Earth
Nirbhuy Arun 2 Robotic Companion and Alert System for the Elderly
Sanjana Avvaru 7 Mind and Melodies
Siddharth Avvaru 4 which drink affects the teeth health more
Advait Badrish 7 HeartNN: A High-Accuracy Neural Network for Cardiac Auscultation
Emil Bassen 1 Ravens v. Crows
Alex Bragun 5 Buffering effects of Limestone on Acid
Anusha Chintalapati 7 Water Smart
Prayrona Choudhury 8 AquaTranslate – Identifying the Causes of Aquatic Problems through Sensor Data-Driven Intelligent Web Searches
Swapnil Choudhury 2 Recreating Swarms with Scratch
Alexa Corleto 6 Earthquake Resistant Buildings
Chloe Custodio 6 Comparing Invertebrates in Garden Soil between Autumn and Winter
Jocelyn Daniels 8 Plant’s Effects on Mental Health
Elden Driver IV 2 Magnetic slime
Priya Emani 8 Identifying Possible Biological Processes Affected By Non-Target Proteins of the COVID-19 Vaccine
Sriya Emani 4 Crystal Creations
Asher Friedman 5 What Common Kitchen Substance Makes Ice Melt Fastest
Anay Gupta 5 The Effect of Various Interference on Fiber Optic Cable Signals
Gaurangi Gupta 7 Water Smart
Raman Harilal 7 Electrifying! Generating Power with a Drinking Bird
Juhee Jang 8 Different Effects of Vegan and Chicken Dog Food
Cyrus Kachachi 2 What is the relationship between shielded areas and radiation amounts on Mars?
Ryon Kovis 6 Worm Wash
Anika Lal 1 Cereal Quest: Supercharge Yourself with Healthy Breakfast Cereal.
Edward Li 6 Comparing Molecuar Compostions in Earth and Mars
Theodore Maier 6 Particle Size and Sediment Transport
Sophie Mathew 6 A Microbiology Study of Extraterrestrial Life
Natalie Mayer 5 6.62607015 × 10-34
Desmond McGinnis 5 Which Material Floats Best?
Suhaas Meka 4 Do Suds Grow Duds? Water conservation and the Difference between soaps and detergents in Greywater Irrigation
Kaylie Mobley 8 Oil spill Cleanup
Akshath Motkuri 7 Sustainable Hydration: The Future of Drinkware with Edible Water Bottles and Cups
Sujit Nair 6 Exoexplorer 2.0 – Study of Exoplanets in search of Earth-like habitable atmospheres
Lily Nguyen 7 Hidden Keys for Top Secrets
Rohan Nune 7 Is Corrosion Your Friend or Foe
Asher Rice 6 How Does the Material of the Capacitor (Leyden Jar) Affect Its Ability to Store Static Electricity?
Owen Rothwell 8 How Does The Shape of a 3D Printed Airfoil Affect Lift in a Wind Tunnel?
Clara Roy Prytherch 6 Magnetism
Zain Shariff 8 Microwave-Related Tissue Changes Using Ultrasound: Processing Images into Spectral Colors
Nikhil Sharma 3 Trash to treasure: waste classification for a cleaner planet
Aditi Sinha 2 How Computers Do Math
Tavira Skinner 6 The Effect Of Essential Oils on Memory and Moods
Darsh Soin 5 Buffering effects of Limestone on Acid
Rowan Stephens-Smith 2 Life is Better When You Wash Your Hands
Smriti Suresh 4 Which is the better insulator material?
Kate Sutandi 2 How to Be More Food Secure – How Do We Grow Our Own Food From Seed?
Sriyan Thallapally 6 Is our Air Healthy
Tenzin Tsundue 7 Amount of Carbon Dioxide Absorbed by Different Types of Plants
Jaya Tummala 8 Oil spill Cleanup
Harish Uriti 4 Clean & Green Solar Energy
Sri Vadlamannati 2 An Experimental Analysis of Blood Viscosity and Artery Size in Blood Flow and Cardiovascular health
Rishi Vijay 7 Gold Rush with Electrons – Urban Mining in e-Waste
Nishanth Vijayamanivannan   8 HydroPower for the Win
Lily Walkup 6 How Salinity Affects Chloroplasts
Samantha Walkup 1 How Does Litter Decay?
Maya Winkes 8 Zero Emmisions Airplane
Peter Wojtowicz 7 Low Cost Wi-Fi Soil Moisture Sensing Alternative
Bethany Wu 2 Why does my hair stand up? – The Power Static Electricity
Rebecca Wu 6 A Microbiology Study of Extraterrestrial Life