Washington State Students Selected as “Top 300 Nationwide Broadcom MASTERS Middle School Innovators”

These students represent the leading Broadcom MASTERS 2020 science and engineering fair competitors in the United States!


The following Washington State students were selected from the 2020 WSSEF.

Charlotte Gruian, Grade: 7th, Inglewood Middle School

Project Title: Wearable Solid-State Thermal Aid for Heat Fluctuating Disorders

Edmunda Li, Grade: 7th, Odle Middle School

Project Title: Factors that Influence Fires in Eastern Washington

Richard Li, Grade: 8th, Odle Middle School

Project Title: Comparing Atmospheric Diurnal Patterns in Pasadena, CA

Angad Singh, Grade: 7th, Explorer Middle School

Project Title: Drowsy Driver Detection and Warning with Data Logging

Kosha Upadhyay, Grade: 8th, Odle Middle School

Project Title: High Accuracy Machine-Learning Classifier and Microcontroller Ecosystem to Consistently Predict Relapses in Recovering Opioid Addicts

Broadcom MASTER nominees are students grades 6 – 8 selected when participating in Washington State affiliated Fairs.

** Washington State Science & Engineering Fair (WSSEF) www.wssef.org

** Eastern Washington Regional Science and Engineering Fair (EWRSEF)  www.ewrsef.org

** Mid-Columbia Regional Science & Engineering Fair (MCSF)  www.mcsf.org

** South Sound Regional Science & Engineering Fair (SSRSEF)   www.plu.edu/scifair 

** Southwest Washington Regional Science & Engineering Fair (SWWSEF)  www.swwsef.stemwizard.com

The Broadcom MASTERS is the nation’s premier Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) competition for middle school students. The Broadcom MASTERS, a program of the Society for Science & the Public, seeks to inspire young scientists, engineers and innovators to solve the grand challenges of the 21st century.

The 2020 Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS included:

  • An increase in young women, with about 52% females and 47% males.
  • 167 students from public schools, 90 from private schools, 23 from charter schools, 10 from magnet schools and 10from home schools.

As the only middle school STEM competition that leverages Society-affiliated science fairs as a critical component of the STEM talent pipeline, the Broadcom MASTERS consists of the top 10 percent of 6th, 7th and 8th grade projects entered in Society-affiliated fairs around the country.

The Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS were selected from an increased pool of 3,476 applicants from 34 states, plus Puerto Rico.  These competitors were evaluated by a panel of distinguished scientists, engineers and educators and judged on creativity and originality of their science fair project, their ability to engage in analysis of data and understanding of STEM principles as they relate to the real world. Each applicant was nominated to compete in the Broadcom MASTERS by placing among the top 10% of middle school competitors at Society-affiliated regional and state science fairs.

The Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS’ independent STEM research projects tackle a broad range of challenges such as:

  • Identifying a more ecofriendly way to do laundry
  • Exploring the impact of electromagnetic frequencies on E. coli
  • Determining if there is a correlation between being on a beta-blocker and the ability to taste
  • Testing concussion guards
  • Determining if the settings of a 3D print affects it’s strength
  • Impact of vaping on cellular function

In addition to the DoD STEM $125 cash prize, the Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS will receive a prize package containing an award ribbon; semifinalist certificate of accomplishment; Broadcom MASTERS backpack; a Broadcom MASTERS decal; a specialized Invention Journal, courtesy of The Lemelson Foundation; a one-year subscription to Wolfram Mathematica software, courtesy of Wolfram Research; a special prize from Jeff Glassman, CEO of Covington Capital Management; and a one-year family digital subscription to Science News magazine. In recognition of the role that teachers play in the success of their students, each designated teacher also will receive a Broadcom MASTERS tote bag; a special edition booklet of Science News for Students’ Invention & Innovation articles from The Lemelson Foundation; and a one-year digital subscription to Science News magazine.

Next step, 30 Broadcom MASTERS finalists will be chosen from this select pool to compete for more than $100,000 in awards and prizes.

More information and the students’ names with a state-by-state breakdown of the Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS can be found at https://www.societyforscience.org/broadcom-masters/2020-top-300-masters/