WSSEF 2019 Grand Champion Premiere Awards

WSSEF Grand Medallion Champions


Bontha,N. Grade 9 – HANFORD HIGH SCHOOL Exploiting the Physical Properties of Nafion Membranes to Fabricate Bipolar Membranes for Low Temperature Fuel Cell Application


Olson, V. Grade 11 – SEQUIM SENIOR HIGH                                                                                                            A Survey of Lake Crescent For Endemic Salmonid Spawning Sites Using Edna


Calmidi,M. Grade 11 – Tesla STEM High School                          Determining The Most Effective Salt Concentration of Irrigation Water for Trichoderma harzianum to Confer Salt Tolerance Through  Symbiosis to Oryza sativa Plants

WSSEF Finalists to Represent WSSEF at the International Science and Engineering Fair

Finalist Bontha,N. Grade 9 – HANFORD HIGH SCHOOL Exploiting the Physical Properties of Nafion Membranes to Fabricate Bipolar Membranes forLow Temperature Fuel Cell Application
Finalist Calmidi,M. Grade 11 – Tesla STEM High School                Determining The Most Effective Salt Concentration of Irrigation Water for Trichoderma harzianum to Confer Salt Tolerance  Through Symbiosis to Oryza sativa Plants
Finalist Hillier, M. Grade 9 – Newport High School Stimulating gamma brain waves via the visual system using flashing LED lights: Optimizing a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s
Finalist Iyer, A. Grade 11 – Tesla STEM High School                           Analyzing miRNA Expression Levels in Glioblastoma Patients to Identify Candidate Biomarkers
Finalist Olson, V. Grade 11 – SEQUIM SENIOR HIGH                                   A Survey of Lake Crescent For Endemic Salmonid Spawning Sites Using Edna
Finalist Saxena, E. Grade 12 – Interlake High School                                                                          Early Detection of Lung Cancer from Hidden Gist Signals in CT Scans with Deep Neural  Networks and Transfer Learning


Student Observers Selected by WSSEF to Attend the International Science and Engineering Fair

Student Observer Berger, E. Grade 11 – Tesla STEM High School Powering a solid state fermenter with compost cogeneration to produce B.bassiana spores for use as a mycopesticide
Student Observer Dalia, A. Grade 9 – Tesla STEM High School                                                                                                                                                Lung Disease Prediction Through Machine Learning Models Utilizing Chest X-Ray Data

The top six WSSEF projects (six students) and two student observer’s will join finalists and student observers from the five WSSEF affiliated Regional Science & Engineering Fairs (Mid-Columbia, Central Sound, South Sound, Southwest Washington and Eastern Washington) to form the Wise Team (Washington International Science & Engineering Team).  This year, the Wise Team has 24 student finalists, 4 student observers and chaperones representing the State of Washington at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Phoenix, AR on May 11 – 17, 2019.  ISEF is the world’s largest pre-college science competition with 1,800 young entrepreneurs and innovators from 80+ countries worldwide.

Go WISE Team!