It Happened at the Fair 2019

Thank YOU for attending the 2019 Washington State Science & Engineering Fair!

The Fair was exciting!  Fair attendees were pleased with the improved project area which increases the Fair capacity.  More than 600 student participants eagerly presented their projects. Also, a hit with the crowd was the Awards Ceremony for grades 1-6 held on Friday following their judging sessions.  The estimated overall attendance of 3,500 people including students, judges, volunteers, family members, teachers and the public visitors.  Each and every year the Fair achieves another level of accomplishment due to the students and their ability to meet the challenges of today’s complex world with true scientific research and engineering ingenuity.  The WSSEF judges and volunteers provide a venue to showcase their projects inspiring students to dream, to visualize, to succeed and to go beyond society’s norm and their comfort zone into a great world of possibilities.

Our special guests and activities included …

Mayor Greg Wheeler, City of Bremerton welcomed the WSSEF Award Ceremony attendees on Friday and Saturday.  During which time Mayor Wheeler announced he is continuing the successful “Mayor’s Challenge”.  Details at

Pat Sullivan, Bremerton City Council Member, attended the event and leant a hand “everywhere needed”.  City Council Member Richard Huddy served as a judge with the Navy League of the U.S. – Bremerton Olympic Peninsula Counsel.  Dave Rubie, Bremerton School Board Member, shared about the Bremerton School Board and PTSA Council continuous 62-year support for the WSSEF and the students.

Kandis Foley, WSSEF Board Member, emceed the grade 1-6 Award Ceremony on Friday night.  Patty Lent, Former Bremerton Mayor, emceed the grades 7-12 Award Ceremony.  Dr. Shutthanandan, WSSEF Board Member, assisted with enunciation.  The awards were presented on stage by Eureka Lodge #20, Seattle’s Masonic Lodge for Science Education.

Scholarships, scientific and engineering trips, prizes and awards totaling $2 million were earned by the WSSEF student participants.  Including Kitsap County, students traveled from all 39 Washington State counties to participate in this year’s WSSEF.  They arrived by the busload and enjoyed the hospitality of our local citizens and businesses.  Local hotels filled and reported the large number of student groups staying over the weekend were exemplary guests.

Representative from higher educational institution traveled to the Fair personally speaking to the students, families and the public about the benefits their universities offer.

  • Andy Fraher, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, AZ

Coinciding with the student project judging, other events included the BOXLIGHT Science Film Festival, STEM Seminar “Legos vs. Craft Stick Building by Brad Griffith, IMPACT Product Development & Marketing, LLC.  Plus, interactive displays.  All offered free to the public attendees.

Interactive displays from Bonneville Power Administration included a student powered bike generating electricity; U.S. Army 40′ x 20′ semi-truck filled with STEM technology, EOD robots, GPS survey equipment, and The Historic Ships ~ U.S.S. Turner Joy ~ with their topographical sand mapping, flying sharks, WA National Guard drone exhibition,  joined forces and presented numerous creative projects that sparked the imagination including put-put boats and a spiffy sand display showing topography movement and students could “make sand rain”.  Lake Washington HAM’s Radio joined with the North and South Amateur Radio Clubs offering the public world-wide communications via HAM radio.

Plan to Attend the Washington State Science & Engineering Fair next year on March 27 & 28, 2020!