Information for WSSEF Students selected to attend the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

WSSEF finalists must be prepared to complete the online registration and send paperwork back to the Fair Director in a prepaid envelope by Tuesday following the fair.

Selection Criteria

ISEF has changed their method for determining how many projects/students an affiliated fair may send to the ISEF competition. WSSEF has been allocated up to five spots for competing projects and/or for student observers at the 2015 ISEF. Because of this change, WSSEF is changing its method of determining the WSSEF Grand Award winners.

Since 2011, the Individual and Team Projects are both eligible to earn the WSSEF Grand Awards (Gold, Silver and Bronze awards). The top projects (either individual or team) are selected during the first round of judging. The candidates identified for further consideration during the first round of judging are interviewed and ranked by the Grand Awards Judging Team to determine the Grand Award winners. The top three projects identified by the Grand Awards Judges earn the WSSEF Grand Awards (Gold, Silver and Bronze).

WSSEF sends no fewer than three projects and no more than five students to the ISEF competition. If funding is available to support this level of sponsorship either three individual projects or a combination of two individual and one team project are selected based on the Grand Award Judge’s ranking. If more than one team wins one of the Grand Awards, only the top ranked team will be sent. If one of the Grand Award winners has already been registered to compete at ISEF by one of the regional fairs, an alternate will be selected from the list of finalists judged by the Grand Awards Judges.

ISEF Registration

During the informational meeting following the Awards Ceremony, each student Finalist to the ISEF is provided a student packet. The packet contains important information on registering for the ISEF, the schedule of events and tour information.

Each Finalist is required to complete their portion of the registration process online.  The Fair Director provides details during the meeting.

Travel Arrangements

All travel arrangements are made through the WSSEF’s official Chaperone or Adult-In-Charge.  The Chaperone will make all air and hotel reservations. In addition, the Chaperone will be in charge of meals and miscellaneous expenses.

Project Display Boards and Shipping

Through a generous donation, the WSSEF has obtained professional project display boards for Finalists to use at the ISEF.  You will find other ISEF Finalists using similar boards.

The project display boards come with a sturdy shiping case and display items can be easily mounted using Velcro® Tape.

Finalists pick-up the display boards during the informational meeting so there is  ample time to get ready for the ISEF.  Finalists are required to take their display boards with them on the plane to and from the ISEF as checked luggage.  The WSSEF official chaperone will reimburse any extra airline fees assocated with the display board.

After returning home, the Finalists remove their display materials and ship the display boards back to the WSSEF via UPS Ground (or FedEX Ground).  Finalist will be reimbursed for shiping charges.  All shipping receipts must be submitted to the the WSSEF’s treasurer by June 1 for reimbursement.

Finalists are responsible for the replacement or repair of Display Boards which are damaged due to negligence on the part of the Finalist.

Accompanying Adults

The WSSEF has two slots available for parents or teachers to attend the ISEF as Accompanying Adults.  Additional slots may be requested through the ISEF.

  • All travel arrangements (including lodging and food) are the responsibility of the Accompanying Adults.  In addition, the Accompanying Adults are responsible for their ISEF Registration Fees.
  • The WSSEF Fair Director must be contacted by the Monday following the WSSEF if a Finalist wants to use the Accompanying Adults slots.  This information is necessary when completing the ISEF Online Registration.
  • The Accompanying Adult ISEF Registration Fees are as follows:
    •  $100.00 per Accompanying Adult (each Finalist will have one slot if desired.  If a Finalist does not use a slot then the other Finalist may use the slot).
    •  $150.00 per Accompanying Adult (providing the ISEF approves the extra slots).
  • If the fees are increased, the Accompanying Adults will be responsible for the increase in fees.
  • Registration Fees for Accompanying Adults must be included when the Finalists send in their forms (by the Thursday following the WSSEF).   All checks for registration fees must be made out to the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair or WSSEF.

Time Lines

The WSSEF is held during the last possible weekend allowed by the ISEF and therefore, completing the ISEF forms quickly is essential so WSSEF Finalists are properly registered.  If ISEF registration deadlines are not met, WSSEF Finalists will be disqualified from attending the ISEF.

WSSEF finalists must be prepared to complete the online registration and submit paperwork within two days of the Fair.

The Washington State Science and Engineering Fair (WSSEF) is affiliated with the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).