Television ~ WSSEF “Inside Bremerton”

Hearing the students talk about their projects, their goals and why they come to the WSSEF justifies the immense time, money, effort and countless hours it takes to put on the Fair.  Job VERY well done everyone!

View the final product from the two days of filming at the 2015 Washington State Science & Engineering Fair (WSSEF).  The television show, Inside Bremerton, is currently being aired on the Bremerton Kitsap [County] Access Television (BKAT) stations at various run times.  You can view it at the BKAT Vimeo channel.  While there are a number of other WSSEF shows and snip-its in their archives, this is by far the best rendition of what the Fair is and captures it’s essence.

Click here to view:

Ben Blankenship and assistant video, Chris Rothlin, did an outstanding job of filming throughout both days and Char Burnett’s professional narrative skills crafted an amazing video about the WSSEF.  However, it was Ben’s editing that made the difference.  You can “feel” his understanding and he translated his experience, and that of the Fair participants, into something visually wonderful.

BKAT authorized the WSSEF to share the video with the public and we are encouraging you to share the good works of the WSSEF and why you are involved.