Broadcom MASTERS 2020 Awards

The following students and their projects were nominated by the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair (WSSEF) for the Broadcom MASTERS competition.  This is the largest number of WSSEF students ever nominated for this prestigious award.  In these unprecedented times, the Broadcom Foundation and the Society for Science and the Public released the following statement:

Given these circumstances, the Society for Science & the Public and Broadcom Foundation have made the decision to modify our eligibility rules for the 2020 competition by opening the Broadcom MASTERS 2020 application to any middle school student who was registered at a Broadcom MASTERS affiliate fair this academic year. 

The mission of Broadcom MASTERS has always been to recognize and honor middle school students who achieve in STEM, and to encourage young students to pursue their goals.  We know this year has posed unique challenges to students, and we believe that students who have completed projects and wish to apply deserve the chance to do so.

This is a very high honor and we are extremely pleased that Broadcom MASTERS opened up their application process for the following WSSEF students.  Students, please take advantage of this unique opportunity this year and follow the instructions you received.

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Brody Andersen 8 Soil Characteristics Favorable for Scotch Broom Recruitment
Samuel Barker 7 Does Wingspan Matter?
Maneet Bhagat 6 Battle of the Fittest
Eddie Bickett III 7 Oil Spill Cleanup with Nanotechnology
Brenden Cavill 8 Aquaponics System
Ozias Conant 6 Rootbeer Floats?! Condensation & Precipitation
Ayla Crowell 8 The Fellowship of the Wing
Arabella Cummins 7 Shapes N’ Sugar
John Phillip Custodio 7 Constructing a Robotic Toothbrush and Testing its Effectiveness on Plaque
Dakota Daines 7 Editing the DNA of E. coli with CRISPR
Taylor Daines 8 CRISPR edited E.coli
Gigi DeMartino 6 Electric Launcher
Judah Friedman 6 Testing the Effectiveness of Insulation Materials
Evan Gaasch 6 Underwater Glider
Elaina Goodnough 8 Curdle or Cream? An Experiment that will Boil your Brain!
Charlotte Gruian 7 Wearable Solid-State Thermal Aid For Heat Fluctuating Disorders
Ananya Gubba 6 Can Different Types of Music Affect the Concentration & Memory
Shravya Gupta 7 Caffeine: Hero or Villain?
Isaac Haueisen 6 Meteor Drop
Taj Khandekar 8 Using AI To Improve The Energy Storage Efficiency of Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Sabinb Kotsovos 7 Upside down Solar panels
Caetlyn Kovis 6 Sugar Rush: Testing the Glucose levels in various foods
Patrick Kovis 8 Microbes: Testing the Electrical Output of Various Microbial Fuel Cell Designs
Anuj Krovvidi 7 Space Trash
Mia Kunins 8 Hatching Chickens Outside Their Eggshell
Chinmayee Kuntulu 8 Let’s Stop Pollution!
Yuna Lee 7 fungus among us
Elizabeth Leitzinger 8 Mask that Cough: The effect of wearing a standard mask on the amount of droplets sprayed into the air
Shulammite Leu 8 The Fellowship of the Wing
Edmunda Li 7 Factors That Influence Fires in Eastern Washington
Richard Li 8 Comparing Atmospheric Diurnal Patterns in Pasadena, CA
Shangqiu Li 6 Segmentation And Classification Of Clouds From Satellite Images
Vishnu Mangipudi 6 Determining a Viable and Natural Alternative to Existing Treatments for Algal Bloom Contamination in Potable Water Reservoirs
Dominic Mansfield 8 The GreenBox
Lylah Masterson 7 Types of Baker Yeast
Logan Meadows 7 Making the Most of the Wind
Owen Meadows 7 Magnetic Propulsion
Maddy Mohondro 8 A Common Killer
Advaitha Motkuri 7 Solar Powered Water Desalination
Jasleen Nguyen 6 Bones and Calcium
Kevin Nguyen 8 Water Wars -How different types of water affect the power of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Anushka Noori 6 Machine Learning Quantification of Growth Differences in a C. Elegans Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Navaj Nune 7 Vitamin D: Role on Calcium Absorption
David Osborn 8 CRISPR edited E.coli
Lucy Osborn 6 Editing the DNA of E. coli with CRISPR
Jack Penders 8 Minecraft Computer
Margaret Penders 6 Musical Plants
Thor Rude 6 Underwater Glider
Emilio Sanchez 8 Aquaponics System
Theodore Savage 6 Underwater Glider
Marcella Schwindt 8 Hatching Chickens Outside Their Eggshell
Lydia Severy 8 Mask that Cough: The effect of wearing a standard mask on the amount of droplets sprayed into the air
Ian Simpson 8 Night Drivers
Angad Singh 7 Sleepy Driver Detection and Warning System (With Data Logging)
Adhith Srikanth 8 Aquaponics System
Sahir Tandon 8 Storage of Renewable Energy
Srithan Thallapally 6 Extracting water from air by using dew traps
Sarah Trigg 7 Phototropism: The A-Maze-ing Pole Bean Experiment How does the amount and position of light affect how tall a pole bean plant grows?
Kosha Upadhyay 8 High accuracy machine-learning classifier and microcontroller ecosystem to consistently predict relapses in recovering opioid addicts
Monisha Uriti 8 Smart Level Crossing
Akshaya Velmurugan 6 In My Gut
Laura Wang 8 The Fellowship of the Wing
Yvonne Yin 6 fungus among us