Team Washington attending ISEF

 Team Washington is comprised of the Grand Champions from the WSSEF and five Regional Fairs.

Team Washington attended the 2016 Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Phoenix, Arizona and competed amongst 77 countries worldwide.  How did Team Washington science fair finalists do at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair?      Click and Find out here.


Photograph by Mike Bay Photography

Congratulations to the Washington State Science & Engineering Grand Champions

Earning an all inclusive trip to the 2016 Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF)

WSSEF Gold Medallion ~ K. Lee & N. Hoppis, Grade 12 Team, Todd Beamer High School, The Role of Secondary Electrons in IEC and BT fusion 

WSSEF Silver Medallion ~ N. Bontha, Grade 11,  Hanford High School, Improving upon Energy Efficiency and Reducing Our Carbon Footprint: A Novel Approach for the
WSSEF Bronze Medallion ~ B. Zabback, M. Jerez and M. Nanneman, Grade 11 Team, STEM High School, Developing a Device to Assist with the Field Application of Solar Water Disinfection

WSSEF ~ ISEF Finalists
D. Nandy, Grade 11, Newport Senior High School, Development of a Novel Class of Anti-diabetic and Anti-cancer Agents Targeting PTPlB Enzyme

E. Saxena , Grade 9, Interlake High School, A Portable Optoelectronic Molecular Identification System for Non-Invasive Medical Screening and Food Quality Assessment Using Machine Learning

A. Hillier, Grade 10, Newport High School, Communication by ultrasound using radio modulation techniques